De Bona Fusta started to operate at the beginning of 2007. We are the second generation of a family of carpenters. It all started as a small workshop in the old centre of a small town called Ador (Valencia), but it was in 1985 when it was constituted like a CB –a family business- with the name of “Jose y Vicente” (J y V). In 1995 it changed to FUSTADOR CB.


The latest change took place in January of 2007 when, as a consequence of a fragmentation, José Escrivà –known locally as Pepe- founded a new company called De Bona Fusta. The new manager, the son of one of the original partners, started by himself with the intention to update the final result of the products but keeping the handmade process and continuing to work with quality wood, conditions that he has inherited from his father.

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